When Angela heard we had a job opening, she jumped at the chance to make a career change. Her training and education were in landscape design, (she has a B.A. from Grove City College and a Master’s Certificate in Landscape Design from The George Washington University).

When she lost 2 of her dogs last year, she realized, what mattered most to her was helping to facilitate that special bond between people and their animals. She had previously been a client with for about 7 years, and was always impressed with the knowledge of staff, all the DVMs and was particularly interested in alternative treatments.

When her dog presented with severe hepatic issues and recovered with the help of NAET, alternative modalities, and homeopathy, she realized what a valuable resource was available through Dr. Maro, our staff team and our family of veterinary clinics.

Angela has always loved Italian Greyhounds and has volunteered, fostered and adopted 4 of them through Italian Greyhound Rescue.

She currently has 2 Italian Greyhounds, Sami and Ellie. She enjoys spending time with her pets and hiking, cycling, kayaking, photography, and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.