An avid cat lover, Connie and her husband have been long-time clients at Cranberry Holistic Pet Care. After conventional veterinary treatment failed her cat with a thyroid condition, and another cat with digestive issues, Connie sought alternative options. Her pets responded well to integrative care, and led happier, longer lives than originally anticipated.

After seeing how well her pets responded, she became interested in working in the veterinary field.

Upon retirement from a prominent Pittsburgh law firm, as an accounting manager, she began her training as a CSR at our front desk. Connie assists clients at the Ellwood Animal Hospital and Cranberry Holistic Pet Care.

In her spare time, Connie, co-founder of Prime Stage Theatre Company which performs at the Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh, manages operations.

Connie loves animals and enjoys meeting the clients, patients, and seeing the fantastic work the doctors and technicians accomplish each day. During her days off, she enjoys sleeping in, watching movies, and spending time with her husband, and her cat, Charlie.