In Connie’s words, “I love the animals, enjoy working with my co-workers, and contributing in a small way to an important service”.

Connie is our incredibly adept administrative assistant, who supports our entire team with accounts payable, billing, financial office management, and inventory management for our three locations.

She was brought onto our team, in 2013, after expressing an interest in working at the clinic during a veterinary appointment. She started her first job at 13 and loves being of service to others.

Her entire professional career had been spent as the executive assistant to a hospital administrator, until retirement, when she became our hospital practice manager’s administrative assistant . She works efficiently behind the scenes to help keep our offices running smoothly.

Outside of work, she volunteers as a dog walker at the Lawrence County Humane Society on weekends. She enjoys spending time with her husband and grandchildren, food sampling, sharing times with friends, and shopping. She has a Shih Tzu, Lucy, and three cats, Paisley, Garfield, and Serena.