Gloria joined our team, after meeting Dr. Maro, and expressing an interest in working with animals. The job fulfilled a long-time dream, and is a 3rd career for Gloria.

She added this role to a long list of accomplishments. She has been an asset in assisting our technicians, and veterinarians in treating cancer and chronically ill patients with Sanawave therapy, laser, Nanovitalight treatments, NAET (allergy treatments), acupuncture, and photonic therapy.

Gloria has always been motivated to help others, and does so by using her music degrees to help bring joy to residents in nursing homes. She also gives private music lessons and works as a personal trainer, outside the veterinary clinic.

From the time she was young, dogs have always been a part of her life. In addition to caring for her Cocker Spaniel, Jordan, she walks and takes care of her friends’ and family’s animals when they need a sitter.

Gloria can’t imagine life without a dog and a tail wag makes her day.