Kaitlyn joined our team after a glowing recommendation from another team member. She has had a lifelong passion and love for helping all animals, beginning as a young girl, when she brought a kitten, Noodles, to Ellwood Animal Hospital for emergency care. Noodle’s visit and recovery sparked Kaitlyn’s desire to become a vet technician, after meeting our very own Megan M. and wanting to emulate her compassion and proficiency in caring for both the owners and their pets.

She is a patient and diligent assistant working towards her veterinary technician’s degree and licensure through Penn Foster’s Veterinary Technician program, while working at the clinic full-time. Her passion in veterinary medicine is assisting in the rehabilitation, physical and swim therapy, in addition to Laser, Vitalight, and Sanawave therapy and helping all pets achieve comfort and well-being.

In her spare time, Kaitlyn enjoys sketching, going to the gym and walking her dog Natty, a Pit Bull mix.