4 Natural Ways to Help Manage Your Senior Pet’s Cognitive Dysfunction

Watching your pet age is never easy, especially when they display signs of cognitive dysfunction, a common, yet often missed, condition in senior pets. Similar to Alzheimer’s disease in people, cognitive dysfunction, or doggy dementia, is a progressive condition that can occur in dogs and cats, although it’s more easily identified in dogs. Possible signs [...]

Taking Care of Your Pet’s Heart

The heart is an amazing workhorse, beating on average 100,000 times per day, or more than 35 million beats per year. The heart keeps people and pets alive by oxygenating and circulating blood throughout the body. The right side of the heart receives “used” blood from the body and pumps it through the lungs to [...]

Figuring Out Your Feline: Weird Cat Behaviors, Explained

Cats make fantastic pets, but you may have noticed your cat doing some pretty unusual things, from “making biscuits” and hiding in tight spaces, to chattering and head-booping. What is considered normal, and when is it time for a trip to Cranberry Holistic Pet Care? Let’s explore some of your feline friend’s unusual, but normal, [...]

Does My Pet Really Need That? Preanesthetic Blood Work and EKG Testing

When your beloved pet is undergoing anesthesia, waiting by your phone for an update can be nerve-wracking. Your Cranberry Holistic Pet Care team understands how pet owners get extremely nervous about putting their pets under anesthesia, which is why we take every precaution to ensure your pet’s safety before, during, and after their procedure. Preanesthetic [...]

Purchasing Pet Medications Online: 3 Scary Scenarios

With online shopping’s ease and convenience spreading into every part of people’s lives, searching for your pet’s medication and parasite prevention products online also comes naturally. However, purchasing pet medications online can be ineffective, or downright dangerous. Take a look at potential issues caused by ordering through online pet pharmacies. Scenario #1: Heartworm horror Marley [...]

Battle of the Bulge: Attacking Obesity on Pets with Diet and Exercise

With winter and the holiday season approaching, many pets and their families become less active and more likely to indulge in delicious, holiday food that packs on the pounds. Obesity in pets is a serious health condition and, no matter that chubby tabbies and pudgy pooches are adorable, you must show dedication and determination to [...]

10 Easy Steps to Help Your Pet Have a Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

You’ve likely been part of this routine at veterinary hospitals before. You head into your pet’s annual wellness appointment, only to have to drag your dog by the leash or carry in your hissing, scratching cat in their carrier. Once inside the lobby, your terrified pet is beset on all sides by barking dogs, yowling [...]

Pack Your Bags: 5 Ways to Simplify Traveling with Your Pet

Family vacations aren’t only for two-legged members anymore. More and more pet owners are toting their four-legged family members along on trips and, with the growing demand for pet-friendly hotels, airlines, and rental services, traveling with pets is easier than ever. Whether you’re looking to hit the road, or fly the skies with your furry [...]

Ozone Therapy in Pets

Ozone therapy is an alternative treatment modality that has been shown to promote the health and well-being of people and pets alike. A natural healing method, ozone therapy is effective at battling bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, and can also aid in cancer cases, degenerative diseases, and age-related conditions. Although ozone therapy is not one [...]

Is Your Pet’s Food Nutritionally Complete?

As a dedicated pet owner, you want the best of everything for your beloved companion, so you purchase top-of-the-line bedding, treats, and food. But, many diets available for pets may not provide your furry pal with optimal nutrition, despite their high sticker price. Occasionally, deficiencies in amino acids, vitamins, or minerals may be the underlying [...]

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