Wellness & Preventative Care

The traditional thoughts on wellness care include vaccines, deworming and use of flea and tick preventives. In our practice, we provide those services, AND go beyond. Our Doctors know that the cornerstones of creating and maintaining wellness must include:

  • Customized vaccine programs with use of titer testing.
  • Nutritional testing and counseling
  • Diet review and guidance
  • Home dental care and dental prophylaxis, including dental x-rays
  • Multiple choices for spay, neuter, including vasectomy and ovary-sparing options
  • Reliable and vetted supplements and foods offered in the clinic
  • FeLV, FIV, Heartworm disease, Lyme Disease and Bartonella Screening
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  • CBC and blood chemistry, urinalysis, FeLV/FIV/HW, K-9 HW/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma
  • Electrolytes
  • Fecal testing
  • Nutritional Profiles
  • Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Oncology Testing
  • Digital radiography/x-ray/dental x-ray
  • EKG
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Ultrasound and echocardiography
  • CT scanner (computerized tomography)
  • NAET Allergy Testing
  • Scopio Cytology
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Physical and Rehabilitative Therapies help pets, young and old to maintain and/or restore normal function to the musculoskeletal system. Our goal is to help relieve pain, prevent re-injury and aid your fur baby, so you can enjoy your best life together.

To that end we examine your pet’s range of motion, stance, mobility, X-rays, CT, and diagnostic ultrasound imaging, and provide recommended therapy for musculoskeletal conditions, including:

  • Underwater treadmill
  • Laser Therapy
  • Animal Chiropractic
  • IASTM and Kinesiology Tape Support
  • Sanawave and PEMF
  • Therapeutic Massage with or without Essential Oils
  • Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Testing.
  • Stem Cell and PRP
  • Prolotherapy and Prolozone therapy
  • Acupuncture/Electroacupuncture
  • Needle-less acupuncture, NanoVitalight
  • In-Home Physical Therapy and In-clinic PT for rehab
  • Adjunctive Nutraceuticals and/or pain medications

The therapies and frequency are chosen based on the extent of injury, decrease in function and age of the patient, as well as the ability of the client to provide needed care. Whether your pet is a companion or working animal, aging and injury do not mean your friend has to live in pain.

We use massage therapy for pets who suffer from emotional problems like anxiety, stress and panic disorders. Patients with arthritis, injuries of the nervous system, spine, joints and muscular disorders also benefit from massage. There are techniques to help reduce pain and restore function in musculoskeletal disorder.

Patients with cancer, internal medicine diseases and arthritis who experience pain have shown improvement from massage and the use of therapeutic essential oils. These oils can reduce the need for oral pain medication. Our offices carry over 100 different oils which may be used in the office and even prescribed for more use.

Dr. Maro is certified in Rehab and Massage Therapy and can prescribe the type and frequency of therapy that is right for your pet. Please ask the receptionist for a holistic visit, so your pet can get all the benefits. You can expect a session for a dog or cat to last for 20 minutes up to 1 hour.
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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine or TCVM includes the use of acupuncture, acupressure, massage, electroacupuncture, QiGong, Chinese Herbology and Food Therapy.

Dr. Maro has been a member of IVAS since 1988, is a founding member AAVA.

Dr. Daniel Jones studied acupuncture at the Chi Institute.

Dr. Amanda Brown has CVA certification through the Chi Institute.

Our DVMs integrate acupuncture for a variety of acute and chronic health conditions with great success. Both orthopedic and internal medicine cases benefit from the use of TCVM, including needle-less forms of treatments, such as NanoVitalights, Chinese herbs, and acupressure.

Treatment of allergic conditions, autoimmune disorders and cancer is facilitated through TCVM and NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Treatment), which has a diagnostic and treatment system, both non-traumatic, for immune system imbalances.

Dr. Maro is one of 400 veterinarians who is certified in this drug-free allergy elimination technique, and has achieved great success in treating patients with chronic and anaphylactic allergic reactions.
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Regenerative Medicine

Aging and injured pets benefit from many treatments techniques we offer, which produce cellular repair, improved mitochondrial function and include:
  • Stem cell therapy/PRP
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Acupuncture and NanoVitalights
  • Sanawave
  • Laser
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nanotechnology produced Chinese Herbs
  • Hemp and CBD
  • Clinical Nutrition and Specific Supplementation
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Ozone/SanaWave Therapy

Ozone Therapy is nature’s best disinfectant, for bacterial, viral and fungal infections, and it is the best way to provide increased oxygen to the body’s tissues and cells. Research shows that all degenerative, cancerous, immunological and aging diseases have a common denominator, lack of oxygen. Joint injuries and cartilage tears are aided by O3 (Ozone) treatments.

Ozone therapy is safe for all species when used in accordance with appropriate dosing and instrumentation, and our staff have been trained extensively in this modality.

Ozone therapy is a natural and effective way to provide increased oxygenation, benefitting the immune functions, reducing infections, accelerating wound healing and suppressing cancer cell replication. The treatments are safely delivered directly to affected tissues, through rectal insufflation or through Major or Minor Autohemotherapy.

We often provide ozone therapy as an adjunctive therapy when treating neoplasia or cancer.

Sanawave Therapy is very comfortable for the patients and is non-invasive. It provides a combination of PEMF, Radiofrequency and Sound waves (not shock wave), to restore normal tissue resonance to facilitate healing.

It’s applications are to reduce inflammation in tissues, such as intervertebral joint disease, spinal inflammation, joint and musculoskeletal injuries, and chronic immune disorders (this includes treating a weak immune system and an overactive one).

Our most frequent positive responses are seen in patients with cancer. The treatment brings about cellular apoptosis. It can be combined with cisplatin, feraheme or neoplasene ot produce powerful palliative and even curative results for some tumors and cancers.
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Animal Chiropractic

Dr. Cynthia Maro has been providing animal Chiropractic care as an AVCA certified practitioner for over 23 years and is a Lifetime Founding Member of the AVCA. She served for 5 years on National Board of the AVCA.

Dr. Annette Anleu has been certified to provide Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy for 17 years.

Dr. Amanda Brown has certification from the AVCA with Applied Kinesiology and Neurology emphasis.

Chiropractic care is NOT about cracking bones. It has its basis in maintaining and restoring normal nervous system functions, thereby facilitating normal joint and musculoskeletal functions. All pets, young and old, can benefit from a chiropractic evaluation and most, even those not exhibiting pain, lameness and discomfort, benefit from adjustments.

In one study performed on 500 patients visiting a veterinary office, during a 2 month period, for routine vaccines and healthcare, 498 pets had chiropractic subluxations. Subluxations can lead to dysfunction and arthritis. Adjustments restore normal joint use and help prevent arthrtitis.

If your pet has never been adjusted, talk with our DVMs about giving them the gift of improved health through Animal Chiropractic.
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