Veterinary Care In Cranberry

We believe in a brighter future for veterinary medicine. And as the saying goes, the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Dr. Cynthia Maro and all the professionals at Cranberry Holistic Pet Care are not only devoted animal lovers, they are physicians and caregivers who strive to be at the top of their field. And while the level of medicine and technology here is commensurate to high quality specialty hospitals, the level of individualization, integrative medicine, and emphasis on relationships creates something new entirely. Here, healing is our mission. Your pet is our cause. And giving you more years, more love, and more life together is our calling.

We’ll Make a Difference

Dr. Maro is exceptionally knowledgeable in both traditional veterinarian medicine and holistic and homeopathy approaches, and her staff is attentive and caring. I wish I could find a doctor and practice like this for myself and for human loved ones who are battling with their health… During every appointment at Ellwood Animal Hospital or Cranberry Holistic Pet Care, I talk with other pet owners who trust Dr. Maro and are amazed at the positive changes in their pets. I can not recommend her and her team enough.

If you live in the Cranberry area, I would highly recommend Dr. Maro and the staff at Cranberry Holistic Pet Care. Dr. Maro has taken care of my pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) for many, many years. I trust her implicitly with the health and lives of my fur babies! She has taken me through some very difficult times with them and has always provided them with great care and gentle treatment. Her staff is awesome – I can’t think of another word to describe them. They know my animals by name and they always get lots of licks for their gentle treatment.


Bama, my puppy, would give the staff 5 stars if she could – she truly drags me through the parking lot and all but knocks down the door to get in and get tons of love! I have also been thrilled with the care she has received; Dr. Maro and the staff at Cranberry Holistic Pet Care have been wonderful. I am thankful to have found a vet that educates me and cares for Bama with a holistic approach (raw feeding, chiropractic care, individualized vaccination plan, etc.). The staff know Bama by name; I feel she is a part of their pet family not just a patient there.



Wellness Examinations
Puppy & Kitten Care
Pain Management
Veterinary Acupuncture
Underwater Pet Treadmill


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